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Title: Admission Decision Taking so Long
Post by: q on March 28, 2003, 10:53:54 AM
This may sound like a futile exercise. But I'm trying to second guess the decision of the admissions committees at law schools that I applied to.

One school has taken almost three months to decide on my application, which remains pending. Should I construe this as an indication that my application is not being evaluated favorably?

On the other hand, if a school is able to decide in a matter of a few weeks, is it also an indication that the application has been summarily dismissed?

Title: Re: Admission Decision Taking so Long
Post by: CH on March 28, 2003, 05:43:54 PM
I think the general rule is no news is good news.  Most schools have sent out their acceptances by this point.  I have a 163 LSAT and a 3.2  GPA, but a very strong upward trend. My last 60 hours are a 3.6, with a double major only in three years.  I got into GMU, and wait listed at BYU and Utah.  The dean at BYU told me I had a very good chance of getting in and I would most likely hear something in April.  What might be happening in your case is that you are in a wait list or hold group.  The schools you have applied to are waiting to get seat deposits from those that they have already admitted, and then at that point they will probably re-evaluate your file based on if they have any leftover seats.   Depending on what schools you applied to that can either be a good or bad thing.  BYU is my top pick and they have always gone to their wait list in previous years, so I am hoping they will go to it this year, but this is a tough year to get in to schools.  I know that Mason got 5,500 applications for 90 spots, so I am glad I applied early.  Good luck and hope you hear something soon.  Also, call the school, they are usually more than happy to tell you your application status.