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Title: Brooklyn Law
Post by: trying to decide on April 22, 2003, 06:48:06 AM
Just got into Brooklyn Law for the part-time evening program. I only applied to NY city evening programs because I'm an older & married student and working full time, and did not want to move or give up my day job. I am still waiting on New York Law School and St John's. I did not apply to Fordham.

Are either of these schools better choices than Brooklyn Law? The school is not giving me much time to decide, and the deposits to hold the seat start getting steeper quickly.

Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: Emily on April 23, 2003, 02:14:58 AM
I am in the same boat with you, that is why I applied for the part time evening division.  I have not heard from the other schools yet, but I applied to Fordham.  Brooklyn is a great school  and I think it is better than St. John's in its standing and job placement upon graduation.

I, too have a short time to decide if I will accept or recline their offer, but if you accept and give in your seat deposit and then choose to go elsewhere, then you can still get a majority of your money, if not all, back to place on the other school's deposit.

The area is pretty nice and a lot closer to the city than St. John's, which is an advantage for me since I work in the city and want to get to school on time the way I would if I went to Brooklyn.

Good luck on your decision.  I hope I swayed you to attend Brooklyn. ;D
Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: Emily on April 23, 2003, 02:16:56 AM
New York Law School should just be looked upon as a safety school since it is not a better school than Brooklyn or St. John's when it comes to New York schools.  Either pick Brooklyn or St. John's.  But since you haven't heard from either school, you should at least hold your seat from the school that you did get into.
Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: trying to decide on April 23, 2003, 03:13:07 AM
Thanks, Emily. I looked at some of the rankings again and also the different metrics that are published in the aba book and it really does look like Brooklyn would be the best choice regardless of the decisions the other schools make. I was actually surprised at how quickly Brooklyn made its decision -- I only sent my stuff in in late March and got everything in the mail last Saturday.

NY Law looks worse and worse compared to Brooklyn on those metrics, despite the fact that Brooklyn is mucho $$. St. John's seems a reasonable option, except that the commute would be really bad for me; I live in Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Heights is kind of on the way home.

Good luck the rest of your apps -- have you already heard from Brooklyn as well?
Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: Win on April 23, 2003, 05:08:33 AM
I heard very quickly from NYLS, so I think it just depends on when and how they go through your particular application. In my case, the scholarship at NYLS was very large, but I'm rejecting it in favor of Brooklyn or Pitt, both of which are great schools. Given your choices, go with Brooklyn and just enjoy the fact that you heard from them first!

Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: Emily on April 24, 2003, 03:03:42 AM
I have heard from both Brookly and NY Law but NY Law was just my safety so I really didn't want to go there.  I am still waiting to hear from St. John's and Fordham.  If Fordham accepts me then I would definitely go there since it would be closer than Brooklyn but not by much.  I would really have to consider it since it would mean about $50,000 more than Brooklyn all together.  As for right now, I have already called Brooklyn to accept and will be there on Monday to pay my seat deposit.

Maybe we'll see each other in Brooklyn part-time evening with the rest of us working married women/men.

Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: bobbyj on April 25, 2003, 02:50:01 AM
If you don't mind me asking, what were your stats and when did you apply to BLS?
Title: Re: Brooklyn Law
Post by: zgrm on May 27, 2003, 11:42:51 AM
yea guys what were ur scores that got you in at Brooklyn Law? I just started studying for LSATS to taker in October, and want to know what I should be getting. Thank in advance.