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Many students interested in Northeastern ask me about the school's public interest reputation.  While NUSL is ranked very highly in the public interest sector, plenty of grads go into private practice (at large and medium sized firms) as well!

I went to Northeastern Law never intending to practice in the public interest sector. I hoped to work at a large Boston firm from day one.  Some pros and cons:

Co-op (PRO!) The co-op system was amazing in helping me gain some fantastic contacts (fed. judges, DAs, etc.) in the New England legal community and I did very well during on campus recruiting for "Big Law" jobs. Though NUSL is a strong public interest school, employers in every area really appreciate students with experience and some knowledge of "real life" legal practice. Overall, law school is what you make of it. If you have a goal, crush first year, and learn how to distinguish yourself, you'll be all set.

Making money on co-op (pro!) I have been able to earn between $1000/wk - $3100/wk on three of my four co-ops (my first was an unpaid judicial clerkship).

The grades (pro & con) - Trust me, everyone in Boston and most of New England understands NUSL's system. While profs use "buzzwords" rather than traditional letters, they often write an entire page about your exam, writing skills, participation, etc. NUSL has co-op employers in nearly every state and 100+ countries, and everyone gets the system. It can be a pain for employers to have to read pages of evaluations, but I have found most employers appreciate the additional info.

Lastly, the Law Review (pro!) - NUSL now has a Law Journal ( for 2L's/3L's. The school knows that while many of its students go into public interest, a significant amount go into private practice, and we all need opportunities to distinguish ourselves. The school is working to create more opportunities, and the Journal is one of them.

Hope this helps. Good luck!!

Law School Admissions / Yet another application fee waiver question...sorry
« on: September 15, 2005, 07:43:47 AM »
So, I hate to beat a dead horse but I figured this would be the place to get my question answered.  I took the LSAT in June of this year and several weeks after my score was released, I received fee waivers in the mail from 4-5 3rd/4th tier schools (mainly for Fall '05).  I have read posts recently that people are still receiving school info and app fee waivers and I haven't received anything else in over a month...just wondering if anyone knows (approx)when the last ones are sent out.

2nd question...a friend of mine went to a Loyola Chicago Law School open house last year, in October, and received a fee waiver in the packet of info they supplied there.  Has anyone else heard of waivers being distributed at open houses or tours of law schools?


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