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Should I Transfer

Should I Transfer
« on: April 19, 2009, 06:43:04 PM »
Hello all,

New to this site. I am about to finish up my second year part-time at UConn. I finished last year at about 17%in the part time division, and my grades improved this year so I am thinking I'll be around top 10-15%, maybe even higher after this year. Should I consider transferring? I'm not sure I want to work in CT and that would probably be my only option graduating from here. I am pretty much open to any region except the South. Do you think I would have a shot at any of the top 25 schools? I was thinking BC, BU, Chicago, NW, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, GW just to name a few. All of these schools take part time transfers, but I would have to finish 2 years full time at these schools. What do you think? I plan on sending applications out to keep my options open, but I don't want to spend $1,000 on transfer applications if it is not worth it. What schools do you think are the best to look into.  Oh ya, I spoke with someone at GU and I guess they do not take transfers after 2 years of part time school.

Re: Should I Transfer
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I don't think you will be able to crack any school in the top-14, USC, or UCLA. You may have a shot at Notre Dame, GW, BC, or BU, especially if you are closer to top 10% than top 15%. I do think it would be worth it to transfer to one of the previous schools if you do not think you want to stay in CT.

Re: Should I Transfer
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Actually, based on experiences from some of my former 1L classmates at a T4 school - Ain't got nothing to lose except possibly the application fee.


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Re: Should I Transfer
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You may also consider transferring into a full time program. There are part time students who transfer into full time programs at other schools. Only 30 credits max will transfer.