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Thank you so much for your advice. I understand that no one that responds knows me, however I am hoping to hear from people that are knowledgable in the field or area that can give me their thoughtful opinions. Having different opinions well help me see things that I may not have considered before.
This has been a difficult decision as everything that I know and love is in the Sacramento region, and thus, is why I plan to return here. However, I have heard two recurring themes from all of the people I have spoken to. People either say: A) Go to school where you want to practice or B) Go to the higher ranking school. Unfortunately for myself, these are conflicting aspirations.
I attended Pepperdine's admitted student open house, and though the scenery was breath taking, what captured me the most was the sense of comrodory. The students were approachable and encouraged each other to succeed, despite the forced curve. In addition, Pepperdine is rated #1 for Professor accessibility and that rang true as I met each of the faculty members present and even received a personal message from one of them to follow up with me that night. I am also interested in dispute resolution. The Straus institute, at Pepperdine, has been ranked 1st in the nation for the past 8 years. The cons, are clearly financial, emotional, and contacts/alumni.
McGeorge is located near my current location, so I would not need to relocate. I do have to stay in the top 1/3 of the class, however at least for the first year I could go in knowing my course texts and half of my tuition would be paid for. I realize that this is not a guarantee, and not typically likely, to keep this for the following year. I have not visited the campus, however, I am going to their legal scholar day tomorrow, unfortunately it is located in an area that is slightly unsafe.

As I mentioned, there is much to consider which is why I greatly appreciate the advice of others, especially those that are in the field and know what potential employers are looking for.

Thank you again Legend for all of your wonderful advice.

Once you start looking at schools outside of the T-14 schools does ranking no longer play a role then? Pepperdine is Tier 1 where McGeorge is Tier 3. If my job prospects and potential salary will be comparable at either place then I would definitely take the school that offered me a scholarship.

Thank you for your advice.

I want to practice in the Sacramento suburbs, not in Government, so I am wondering if going to a higher ranked school outside of the region I want to practice is better than going to a lower ranked school in the region I want to practice?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

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