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I graduated from Cal this past December and I'm heading to Hastings in the fall. I slacked off in high school quite a bit and transfered to Cal from a SUNY. It got me into high gear and it made the transition to Cal seamless. However, for you, be prepared to be amazed and challenged by your professors and classmates. It will not by easy whatsoever.

With regard to law school, there is only so much you can do. So much of the decision is based on LSAT that even if you have a B+ GPA, you will still be admitted to top schools with a strong LSAT. Conversely, it is harder to get into top schools with a higher GPA and an average LSAT. What I'm trying to say is, enjoy yourself. Be somewhat irresponsible. Party every now and then. Do NOT spend the whole time trying to game law school admissions. No matter what your GPA, recs and extras are, if you screw up on the LSAT, odds are you're done.

In the end, don't view college as a conduit for law school or for meley work. It is an experience and accomplishment by itself. Let your self grow and by all means, screw up every now and then.

Congrats on being admitted to Cal, whether you believe you belong or not. Enjoy football games on sunny Saturdays and the food ghettos for dinner.

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