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Transferring from Chicago-Kent

Transferring from Chicago-Kent
« on: May 23, 2006, 08:02:39 AM »
First a little background:
I'm headed to Kent as a part-time student this fall. I'm hoping to pass the Patent Bar right away and then work as an IP law clerk part-time. I love Kent, their IP program, and the city of Chicago.

A combination of two factors: I want to graduate from the best school I can (heavy preference to the midwest though). Also, I am not 100% sure I will always want to be in Chicago. A move to Michigan is possible.

Thoughts on transferring:
My top three longshot schools (in no order) are: UofMichigan, UofChicago, and Northwestern. However, I would also like to attend UofIllinois or Notre Dame, as I feel both would give me a great shot in the Chicago market, as well as anywhere else in the midwest I would like to work.

I will certainly bust my balls to place in the top 10% (I think this would be my only shot at getting into my top 3), but let's assume I place in the top 20%. What are my realistic chances of transferring to UofIllinois or Notre Dame? Also, will the fact that I am a part-time student have any negative impact? I am considering taking summer courses (most likely abroad) to catch my credits up. Also, what are your thoughts on my decision to transfer from Kent to a school like Illinois or Notre Dame?

Whoops, right after I posted this, I received a reply from Illinois:

Thank you for the email and your interest in Illinois.  We certainly
will accept transfer students from Kent's part-time program.  As I
understand it you will complete the first year with 22 credit hours.
That is fine, although it is near the minimum we would like to see.
Given the lighter course load we would like to see you do very well in
your first year, a GPA of around a 3.3.  Typically we are looking for
students in the top third of their class at a school such as Kent,
although with the part-time program that will vary slightly.  Your
undergraduate GPA and LSAT become much less important in the process and
we focus much more on your law school performance.

Re: Transferring from Chicago-Kent
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Good luck!