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Legal Skills program: unique & advantageous or overhyped?

Legal Skills program: unique & advantageous or overhyped?
« on: July 11, 2007, 12:44:50 AM »
This question is for any current or former W&M law students, or, alternately, for current/formers who considered W&M but ended up rejecting it. Also, any of our resident LSD know-it-alls. 

I am considering choosing W&M over two or three more highly ranked (non-T14) schools, and the thing that keeps drawing me back in is the much-touted Legal Skills program. I have read that this program is unique to William and Mary and that it has received several ABA awards. It seems to me that, if the program really "works" as indicated,  the (personal& professional growth) benefits of being in a mock-mini-law firm for a few years and practicing on fake clients outweighs the slight hiring/employment edge of schools like GW, the Bostons, Emory, etc.

To clarify, I care more that Legal Skills would help me feel more prepared/adept as a new lawyer than that potential employers would recognize the program's benefits and extend job offers accordingly; I don't expect the latter. 

What are everyone's thoughts on Legal Skills?