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is law a good career to get into?

Re: is law a good career to get into?
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I saw another post about a kid looking into law as their profession and all the negative aspects of it, but if it helps, think about all the people you can educate and inform, think about how you can help complete their knowledge and awareness of their responsibilities and accounts in life. That may sound corny to you school hardened legal eagles, but the lack of useful and well organized legal consultants for the public sector is an indicator of the most untapped market in law I can see. If you are willing to merely live comfortably rather than getting fat-rich, then a career helping people understand their complete obligations to society and the economy may be the way to go.


Re: is law a good career to get into?
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Re: is law a good career to get into?
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If we are speaking strictly about the V20, I would generally agree with you but for the fact that eleven people from my school alone ended up in the V20. I cannot speak for other schools. 

What school?  A school in a major market (e.g. NYC, Chicago) can land a handful from time to time, but this certainly isn't the norm among tier 3/tier 4 schools.

Of course it's a numbers game.  Someone who takes a full ride at a tier 4 school but finishes #1 in his class can work in BIGLAW and be at the same firm as someone who took out $180k in student loans at a t14.  Still, I'd argue that there is a ceiling for tier 3/tier 4 grads--it's tougher to lateral, it's much tougher to move to the bench, it's tougher to move into high level gov't work, etc.  It's true that some tier 4 grads do quite well; it's also true that Bill Gates dropped out of college and is now filthy rich.  But I wouldn't advise people to drop out of college if they want to be rich, just like I would tell people to take a long, hard look at law school if they want to work for a big firm but will be attending a lower ranked school.  There are opportunities to work as a DA, PD, or the like, but it's not like student loans scale with school rank; it's pretty easy to run up huge debts at a terrible school, too.  And those need to be paid back, unfortunately, and many people won't be making a great financial decision by going to law school.