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Incoming 1Ls / Going to the Military
« on: June 06, 2010, 10:46:56 AM »
After talks with the family, mentors, and friends, I finally made my decision on a service in the Marines post grad, which is next year. Whether or not it is a good decision is subjective in nature. I have tried being against the military for a long time but have always wanted to be apart of the military. I still plan on going to law school but my question here pertains to the military and law. What bearing would my LSAT score (being taken this fall) have on joining the Marines? Will I still have to take the ASVAB to join, although I completed Calculus, advanced courses in college English, and (future tense) above 150 on the LSAT? And, what position would I rank in, also what MOS would I be able to do? I would like to hear from actual Marines who have gone through training and the like... What were your experiences?

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