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What sort of law are you thinking of going in to?
Do you plan on staying in Chicago?

If you're thinking IP, then Kent HANDS DOWN. But if you're thinking public interest/civil rights/immigration go with DePaul. I work at a civil rights firm and I'd say 3/4 of our lawyers are DePaul grads. With the whole Vincentian aspect of the school, it just sort of happens that way.

Also, in Chicago Kent and DePaul are highly regarded (as high as they can be with Northwestern and UChicago). However, a few of my friends are Kent grads and they say that if you go outside of the Chicago area all anyone hears is its affiliation with IIT which isn't the best aspect of the school. DePaul has a bit of a more nationally known name for sure.

I would really check into the Kent curve. Ive been hearing a lot of things around Chicago about how Kent purposefully sets their scholarship requirement higher than is possible for their curve. DePaul on the other hand is verrrrrrry committed to their vincentian foundation and with that comes flexibility.

I work as a legal assistant in Chicago down the street from John Marshall and we don't even take interns from there. With DePaul and Northwestern blocks away, a John Marshall JD gets over looked. I'd only go if you know you'll be in the top 10% of your class.

So I'm getting 154-158 when I prep and its honestly all logic games. I have the Logic Games Bible and I've spent some time studying it but I could put more in (I'm planning on doing that once the summer starts. I'm still in classes until mid June unfortunately). I've heard horror stories about Kaplan courses where they go over the simple things and therefore its a total waste of money but I noticed Kaplan has an advanced course for people who pull a 158+. Has anyone taken this course? Is it worth it? Or should i just keep on doing the Bible?

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