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One of Jeff's youtube videos:

One of my clients at my business who graduated from Thomas Jefferson back in 1985 or so, owns her own law firm in downtown San Diego, took his home study course and passed first time.

The oldest person to pass the bar was 77.  Before taking Fleming's course he had failed the Bar 21 times.  Took Jeff's course 3 times and on his 24th try passed.  That is also the record for the most times someone took the Bar and subsequently passed.

What was the name of that old song, "A Whole Lotta Ruckus Going On"?  No wait.  A whole lotta shaking going on.  Same difference.  Perhaps a tidy list of the benefits & detriments of each means of attaining a law degree might be more productive?  At least the ABA prone folks are not claiming as they did when I started that online taught lawyers weren't lawyers at all.  (Not to give you guys any ideas or anything...) 

One can appreciate that perhaps those giving out grave warnings to those investigating the pursuit of an online degree have it in their heart to give adequate warning to the unwary.  One can hardly blame them for that.  Indeed, laudable.  On the other hand taking it to the extremes where what is being said is beyond known & verifiable facts is something else again. 

Further...Should I get an online degree?  Are there online schools from which I can learn the law? and Of the online schools, which is the best overall, all things considered?...are separate considerations in themselves.  Which is what was the topic at least in the beginning of this thread if I remember correctly. 

It does seem the ABA proponents are quite happy with their choice in life.  That is nice.  For it far exceeds the happiness factor of their brethren.  ABAers all.  Well not all. But mostly all.  Se la vie.

Life is choice.  Choose wisely.  That's all.

Things have changed since then.  Did they have the Blackboard when you were going, calgal?  Their videos are nothing to rave about.  I didn't bother with them.  Same with the CDs. But their online chats & video chats are terrific.  Jeff Fleming now works for NWCU too & he comes to some of the video chats.  Lots of fun :)  There is both a text and video chat for each level. When BabyBar is coming up they put on special chats for the takers to participate in.

 1Ls can only get into the 1L sessions and BabyBar chats.  Above 1L students can go to all the 2L-4L sessions.  Same with the Blackboard, where the Profs post questions & then respond to the students answers, using the Socratic method. (Drove me nuts!)  No requirement to do chats or Blackboard, but it's there for folks who care to participate.

BTW, there is a lot of talk about if someone goes to an online school they won't be able to get a job.  Many threads by grads of traditional schools focus on getting a job.  Can get, hope to get, can't get.  A job.  With the horrific tuition debt they were snookered into shelling out they have to get a job.  Most folks who go to online schools already have a job. They're older, which is why they went or are going the online route.  They're not looking to "get a job."  By going to NWCU you can get a good legal education, without the debt, and without the worrisome need of having to "get a job", any job, to pay off that debt.  Freedom has it's advantages.  Including the advantage to quit law school if the person decides they don't like it at a minimum investment.  Same afterwards.  Don't like being a lawyer?  Fine the person has a nice JD on their resume & can go find some other place & way to live out their life.  For myself I've owned my own business for 24 years.  Lawyering is my fun retirement plan :)  I will never put my life in the hands of another person ever again.  That's what "having a job" is.  Putting one's present life in someone's else's hands.  Traditional law students are forced to do that.  ..... my clock...whatever that expression is.  Ticks me off big time!  All government backed student loans are meant to do is have a new little taxpayer enter the system, forced to enter the system, while they are walking the exit steps of law school.  In fact any school or college.  People think the government is loaning out money from the bottom of their hearts or something?  Hah!   Do law students think those job employment salary figures are meant to benefit the students?   

On the Cal Bar website compare the pass rates on the Baby Bar & the General Bar of NWCU to the other online schools over the last 5 years or so, and to their costs.  Then decide.

Hi Nor-Cal,  I just graduated from NWCU.  Sitting for July Bar.  If you'd like to meet a bunch of us we have a Facebook page here:  Click on the Join Group button to post.   Barbara

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