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Review my LOCI Thanks!

Review my LOCI Thanks!
« on: February 20, 2013, 08:02:02 PM »
So I was waitlisted at UMD, which is one of my top choices for law school. Just would like any commentary on the letter I intend to send to them. I will probably tweak this one for American as well (just found out that I was waitlisted there today).


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Dear XXX:

Thank you for your time and consideration in evaluating my application. I am writing to reiterate my strong interest in attending the University of Maryland School of Law, and if offered admission, I will gratefully accept the offer. 

Aside from being an excellent law school, the environmental law program at University of Maryland perfectly matches my legal interests. I am intrigued by the opportunity to get involved in the environmental law clinic in my 2nd or 3rd year, which would allow me to immerse myself in the practical application of such a specific area of law. On Feb 15th, I had the opportunity to listen in on a webinar presented by the managing director of UMDís environmental law, William Piermattei, and found myself further attracted to the chance of developing and molding a legal career that combines Environmental Law with my current skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). While at first glance the two areas may look to be mutually exclusive, I believe that UMD offers me the best possible resources and environment to merge the highly technical skills of GIS with the legal field.
I also wanted to take this opportunity to update my application. Since submitting my application last December, I was promoted to a Final QC position at my current employment.  Compared to production or 1st QC, as a Final QCer, I am examining the data from a much broader perspective and ensuring that the data I am looking at helps form the highest quality final product for the client. Additionally, I have been instrumental in developing and improving a new procedure for another process in my current project as well as training new team members in the functionality of the projectís core toolset and current guidance.

University of Maryland remains my top choice for law school.  UMDís programs fit extremely well with my legal interests, Baltimore is a city I can see myself living and working, and the university community is one that I can both benefit and equally contribute to. I would be honored to be offered a place in the UMD School of Law Class of 2016.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Re: Review my LOCI Thanks!
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 08:59:56 PM »
Looks good one other thing that is very helpful is scheduling visit and on the visit dress nice, by ready to answer questions, and just give a good impression. Treat it like a job interview and see what happens. There is no guarantee it will work and waitlists are an awkward position I was on one for a total of 8 months and they rejected me during my first week of law school officially. Pretty annoying, but I ended up loving the school I attended. I think your taking the right steps, but at some point there is only so much you can do.

Re: Review my LOCI Thanks!
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Thanks for the feedback! I saw you giving some great general advice on how to decide between law schools in other posts and have been taking note of what you said. I haven't started whittling down my list (nor have I heard from all my schools, still have 8 to hear from), but you have given me a lot to think about.