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Where should I go?

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As I stated before nobody knows better than you how you will handle moving away from home etc. Remember if you attend Syracuse you will be there for 3 years of your life. You will be stressed out as a 1L unable to make a quick trip home, you will not be able to just visit your friends, etc. Wherever you attend  law school will have a major impact on your experience and if you don't like Syracuse, NY I would highly recommend you do not attend law school there.

As for employment prospects none of these schools are going to result in employers tracking you down. They are all fine, but realistically I am sure the majority of lawyers in Syracuse, NY attended Syracuse Law School. The majority of lawyers in Harrisburg attended Widener, etc. I know Drexel is basically brand new, but again I am sure the majority of graduates are in Philadelphia. The reason for this is simple the professors live in these locations and have connections locally. A professor in Syracuse, NY is not going to Philadelphia Bar Association meetings to mingle with lawyers they are in Syracuse NY. Furthermore, employers in Harrisburg or Philadelphia are not going to send people to upstate New York to interview when they have law schools in their backyard. I could go on and on, but just apply common sense location matters above all else in this decision.

 If you were debating between Stanford and Widener then maybe location could take a back seat, but even then I would encourage you to think about it, but these are all mediocre schools. Nothing wrong with them they will give a license to practice law and it will be up to you to succeed as a lawyer. So many 0L's and law students think the name of their school means so much, but realistically being a lawyer is much more art than science. You will need to persuade people and get a result. There are numerous ways to get the result you want and if you are good at getting sh** done you will be a good lawyer no matter what school you attend. The name of the school on your diploma won't really make that big of a difference.

If you don't believe me then go into a courthouse and watch some hearings. You have a constitutional right to do so and watch the attorneys go. Some will be amazing, others ok, while others will be terrible. You will never hear a law school name be mentioned in court either there will be millions of dollars on the line, someone possibly going to prison, or some serious sh** going down. Some lawyers will persuade you and others you will think are idiots that is it.

One other thing really look at the scholarship offers and conditions as I suggested before. I also encourage you to negotiate for more money or better scholarship conditions.  Even if you don't get anything you have nothing to lose the law schools want you to enroll and you are in a everything to gain nothing to lose situation. It will also be a good exercise in negotiating and seeing your ability to get sh** done, which is the skill you will need to be a lawyer.

Alright enough out of me, but being someone who has never met you and knows nothing about you other than a few posts on the internet if you want to take my advice on a life altering decision I would rule Syracuse out, but I am some guy on the internet so take my advice or anyone else on this board or others with a grain of salt.