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hi d3s,
ironically, I was in your position last summer. I was offered a full-ride at NESL, 10K yr. at Northeastern, and I was on the priority WL at BC till late august. BC got overenrolled, so about August 12th or so they let me know that they wouldn't be able to offer me a spot.
So that put me kind of where you are now. I didn't apply to Suffolk, and so it was NESL with the full-ride or 10K a year a NU.
I took the bait, and I am at NESL. I am applying to transfer, since that was always the plan (to transfer after my first year) but I am totally in a different place (state of mind) than i was last year. I am only applying to the top 5 schools in the country for the area of law i want to practice and otherwise i will remain at NESL. People are right when they say it is mainly a boston school, however there are plenty of exceptions-- and people from NESL are practicing outside of boston as well. As for in boston, it is my opinion that the "ranking" is like this
Northeastern (though not a much above)

I love my professors, and I respect the school a lot more than i thought i would. As long as i stay in the top 25% i keep all my money, and right now i am in the top 8-10% of my class. anyway, it is a decision only you can make. a lot of people questioned my decision-- including me for a while-- but it was the right one for me and though i would like to attend those top schools that i am applying to, i can HONESTLY say that i will not be upset at all to stay at NESL for the long haul.

feel free to e-mail me personally if you would like to ask me anything specific.


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