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Hi "passionatelawyer,"
It's convenient that you created this screenname and immediately began defending dear little Erapuke. We all can see he's been checking this board all night and morning while pretending he has "better things to do.

To answer your question, I am a 2L at a school ranked higher than Eraperv's, though that doesn't narrow it down much. I'm one of the many people he's insulted during a normal conversation on this board. I've not felt it necessary to rub little Erapunk's face in the name or prestige of my school, because it doesn't matter. Whether I go to Yale or Cooley, he's still an insecure feminine hygiene product who feels better by making lame attempts at insulting people's schools. Hopefully now we'll be done with that troll.


Are you from Georgetown or what?  You need to stand on your personality and quit relying on arbitrary comments
 to define you.  I know you are a smart individual, why don't you show it?

Current Law Students / Re: Rate a giraffe
« on: May 20, 2006, 07:19:15 PM »
Maybe Erapitt and Giraffe are the same person. One messed-up, insecure person.

Current Law Students / Re: Rate a giraffe
« on: May 17, 2006, 07:10:36 PM »
Silence, Fiona.

Are all GW students into a swinging good time?

Current Law Students / Re: Rate a giraffe
« on: May 16, 2006, 08:02:16 PM »
Possibly swinger terminology?

This guy responds to every post I make, within minutes, yet says I am 'hanging on' him?

Let's have group sex and then I can tell you how crappy your law school is.

In other forum, he said he got 162 on LSAT.

Ha.  Its funny how you kept bragging about you LSAT to me until I figured out that you and I had nearly identical scores (and that you were bragging about yours...haha).  Since I pointed that out you have moved onto imaginary things; you don't have anything else to grasp on to.  I guess I could correct you, but then I would be just like you: a loser bragging about his personal life through an anonymous IM handle.  There is a reason people don't introduce themselves as "Hi, I'm Joe, I have a free education and a beautiful wife."  Its because anyone who desperately seeks acceptance, or brags like that is obviously fundamentally flawed in another portions of their life.  Whats up with you, Erapitt?  Do you have a weight problem?  Aweful, disfiguring acne?  Are you a midget, or are you just impotent? 

I vote for midget!

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