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So I was just about set on going to Miami.  I had withdrawn from Loyola-Chicago and turned down scholarship money from several T2 California schools.  i still havent withdrawn from the california schools, but im not really considering them as much now.  I visited Miami over memorial day and while I wasn't blown away with the campus or area, i just have a good feeling about my employment opportunities there.  my main gripe with the area is the humidity and sprawl that is miami.  i am sure i can grow to like the humidity and area and whatnot, but it will take a year or so.  i was able to adjust to the cultural and weather differences at my undergraduate school so i think i can do it again.

brief bio:  im from the SF Bay Area, went to Michigan undergrad, and am URM (latino).  i want to do some sort of law related to latin america--most likely corporate.

i think that my background, as a brazilian and portuguese speaker, will be a valuable asset to firms that do business with latin america.  this is my main reasoning with initially picking Miami..and turning down some enticing offers from other schools.  i am also pretty indifferent on where i end up.  NYC or Miami is a toss-up.  i think i will like NYC more, but I can like grow to like Miami and the proximity to Brazil is appealing.

but now that i just made my decision, brooklyn law school gives me a call on friday and says that i have been admitted.  the catch is that i have to decide by MONDAY!  now i had not really considered brooklyn due to an application snafu on my part, which caused a delay in their decision--so i was pretty excited and shocked when i heard from them.  i basically had not counted on ever hearing back from brooklyn.

the main issue is that i havent visited the school and am largely unfamiliar with NYC.  i dont mind a big city--this is actually what i want, which made my turning down loyola-chicago so painful.  but they just didnt have much to do with latin america.  but NYC is a different story.  i guess i am uncomfortable in suddenly deciding on Brooklyn, especially since i was basically set on Miami for about 2 months.

i will have no scholarship money at either school.  but my parents have offered to help me with some of the tuition.  i also dont have any undergraduate debt.  the cost of living in NYC is higher, although that might be a moot point since my aunt is moving to NYC in a month.  i could potentially live with her and save a ton of money.  i also wouldnt need a car, whereas i would need one in Miami.

i just am a bit uneasy about the competitive reputation at Brooklyn and making what seems to me to be a rushed decision, as i said earlier.  i think Miami is the surer thing for me--i think i have the potential to stand out there more, both academically and as a Brazilian who wants to do corporate law.  the school is also very dominant in south florida, whereas brooklyn isnt exactly dominant in its area. 

I have a good friend who currently works at Linklaters in NYC and he's doing what I want to do.  He says that NYC is the place to do Latin American corporate law, but that many multinationals are looking elsewhere because of the rising cost of doing business there.  He's also considering moving to Miami, so I don't know.  haha.  He thinks I should go to Miami.  I just see a lot of potential in Miami.  But another friend of mine said that it's not worth gambling on "potential" now when I'm just starting out.  These kind of gambles are fine if you are already a lawyer, and I guess I agree with her. I am just trying to get some more opinions.  LSD, help me out!  i'm seriously freaking out here and have to decide by monday.  ???  :-\

New first post.  Anyways, I've begun to study for the December LSAT in the past week and a half.  I just graduated from Michigan in the Spring and well, summer is over and I've been cranking down on studying.  So, I'm in a fortunate position to live and breathe LSAT for the next few months (although I am stuck at home with my parents).  With that being said, I've found that I don't really have the discipline to teach things to myself with the books (I have the Nova's Master the LSAT and the Logic Games Bible).  In other words, I need structure...and some interaction with people like me who are taking the LSAT. 

I'm debating whether to take the Powerscore or Testmasters course.  I live about five minutes from Stanford.  I've searched the forums and it's clear to me that both are nearly identical.  Testmasters has more class hours but Powerscore's text materials have more explanations.  With that aside, differences lie more with the individual teachers themselves.  I've tried googling this and havent really found any information on specific teachers.  I'm wondering if anyone has any information?  I guess I could contact the courses here, but I'd prefer to have some objective information from current or former students.  Thanks a lot.

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