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Title: University of Cincinnati vs. Chase Law School
Post by: CTeep127 on February 21, 2011, 11:13:35 AM
I was recently accepted to both University of Cincinnati College of Law and Salmon P. Chase law school. UC is the better school and at first my obvious choice. Then i got my scholarship offers, $7,500 a year to UC (about 1/3 of tuition) and full ride to Chase as well as a guarunteed 2nd and 3rd year paid research assistantship. This made things difficult. UC was my first choice and clearly the better school, but the temptation of graduating w/ zero debt and having a guaranteed paid assistantship makes things difficult. If anyone has any knowledge of how much better it is to graduate from UC than Chase, as far as finding a job, and how much money u can make, and can help with this problem i'd love to hear all advice.