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Black Law Students / Re: CLEO 2007
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:41:39 AM »
My LSAC fee waiver applied to all the schools I applied to, except LSU. They wouldnt waive that $25 for anything. So I paid it got waitlisted and promptly withdrew. But yea it was the epitome of a Reach/good candidate/Safety school list as I have a pretty even split in regards to my Admits, rejects and waitlist. No Baaaalin!!! over here. Just decent preparation.

It appears his goal is to TRY to ruin this thread like he felt you ruined the other thread.

Fanboy, errrr..... Nontrad can we sit down and talk about this over some coffee or a beer or you eating glass?! I mean it cant be that serious! Can it? By the way, I loved your post on networking. Can't wait to hear more although it had that eerie deja vu effect.

True but even when trying to reconcile with that past identity and trying to forgive a culture that has oppressed your peoples for so long and even when we were denied education. Our ancestors were educated themselves, however little
my grandfather pretty much taught himself to read
or however much
my gradmother finished high school (i think).
It has always been stressed by the community as a whole. In fact they argued, Frederick and W.E.B. whether that education should be acheived through work or study. Either a form of education was stressed and nowadays and I hate to use a generalization, but it just aint stressed as much. What is now being stressed is getting rich or die trying; or at least just getting money.

We undervalue education through hard work. we want fast money because money symbolizes success. But I think you are right, with the minority immigrants thing. They do not feel that America owes them anything. They also do not have a chip on their shoulder in regards to they way they have been treated in America. My father experienced racism blatantly when they used the white man's AA that they refuse to admit they have and was passed over promotion after promotion although he WAS the better qualified individual. Yet he was never really agree or use it as an excuse. He just kept on working, because the other option to have no opportunity at all.

And I think thats where some of the problem lies. We as a community have become too comfortable. We have our MLK day. We have our Black history month. We have our Benzes and house in the hills, but underneath all of that plastic surgery the fight is gone. We fear uprising becuase we do not want to lose this cushy job we have. We actually have greater segregation now than we had before the 60's in terms of percentages. I dont know, but there is a problem and many just dont care enough to assist or find out. We rather go build schools in Africa or get on radio and demand that Imus apologize on his show. But if I say leadership is messed up within our community, then I am wrong.

Black Law Students / Re: CLEO 2007
« on: May 02, 2007, 05:20:43 AM »
I applied and then they placed me on their you have been denied initial admission, but you can get in if a school nominates you list or we feel like it. Then I submitted all of my acceptance letters and waitlist letters and snet them a revised list of schools I would like them to send notifications to, although that list was little far fetched when I look back on that now.

I applied to 21 schools in all for real, but then there were 2 other apps I filled out and sent but just stopped when they requested the LSAC report.

They said decisions would be made by the 1st, so I am giving the news either way til till the weekend.

I do really want to go. It sounds like a lot of fun and great preparation.

Black Law Students / Re: CLEO 2007
« on: May 01, 2007, 06:48:01 PM »
How did you find out? Was it through email or mail?

I have a few questions:

Is xoxo the new standard for reputational surveys of TX law schools? Or is it merely a group of "excellent students" and "accomplished professionals" that live only to talk *&^% on the internets? Do its contributors improve upon well-known rankings estimates or simply reinforce what I can read for free @ Borders?

You decide.

Excellent point. I like hearing other points of view, which is why I can read stuff like this and like that, but the elitist, school bashing is not cool. I just wanna go to the best school I have an opportunity to go with in my opinion.

I read the whole entire thread and it seemed as if they placed Uh and SMU on the same plain for the most part. They are all equal in my eyes, but in terms of MORE options qith your degree, I thkn SMU and UH are better. We ALL know that UT is great! I should hav just went there for undergrad, but whatever we got a championship ring! GO BUCKS!!!

But yea, UH great school. No trolling here...

For my letter I am addressign Dean Hammers and the admissions committee since she was the one who sent me my waitlist letter or at least signed it.

Hey Karleana, have you heard anything recently from UH.

I spoke with a lady on the phone yesterday and they basically take your file like it is brand new and review it against the other applicants in the waitlist pool and start filling in spots that way. Thwy should begin the reviews in the next week or so.

I am sending my LOCI no later than the beginning of next week. She saidthey will take mail or email submissions for anything new.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: IN AT CLEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: May 01, 2007, 04:31:24 PM »
Anyone else hear anything and are most of the acceptances being handed out through email or mail?

Well I am just hoping I can go to the 6 Week Summer Institute. I should find out this week. This actually has me more nervous than any of my school decisions.

I wouldnt mind doing both either, but if they do decide to reject me then I hope I am able to go to AIE. This is crazy, but are most people who have been admitted this late hearing it through an email or an actual letter?

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