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Warning about Wachovia (formerly Educaid)...


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Warning about Wachovia (formerly Educaid)...
« on: June 28, 2005, 05:36:33 AM »
I currently have my grad school loans with Wachovia (formerly Educaid) and trying to get anything accomplished with them has been less pleasant that an trip to the dentist.  Currently, I have an incomplete application for consilidation, but no one can tell me what is incomplete about it.  Even better, my grace period is up this month but no one can tell me when a payment is due, how much is due or where to send it.

I have spent literally hours on the phone with them on more than one occasion.  It usually takes me a significant amount of time to be able to even talk to a live person.  I have to go through a maze of selecting various prompts that fit my situation and, then, even once I am sent to a customer service representative, I am usually put on hold for 20 minutes or more.  And of the three people I have talked to, only one has been able to halfway answer my questions.  One guy that was "helping" me sounded like he was reading some generic prompt off of a paper...but the problem was that it didn't even answer the question I was asking.  Another girl on the customer service line told me that she was just a temp filling in and couldn't really answer any of my questions!

Fortunately, I have had much better luck with Access Group and am using them for my law school loans.  I just wanted to warn anyone who was considering going with Wachovia for their loans that they can be very difficult to deal with.  I suppose that they may currently just be abnormally busy and that my experience is not normal.