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Well, I don't think living in Metairie constitutes having a "bunker mentality."
I went to undergrad in Los Angeles and lived in South Central LA. My roommate got mugged and we saw a dead body being taken away by an ambulance once. For a young, single guy it's fine to live in that kind of place I guess, but I'm in my late 20's now and have a fiancee from another country who doesn't really know America very well, so I'm going to skip the hassle of living in the city center. I still intend to take advanyage of what New Orleans has to offer.

BTW, what is the parking situation on campus?
Hey, not implying you had a bunker mentality. I have a young child, so, safety was a concern. I thought I would have had a bunker mentality when I first moved here, but, that went away pretty fast. I certainly can empathize with where you are coming from, don't take offense.  The north shore is a hell of a commute, but I hear it is very nice and clean. I know at least one person that did that commute.

As to parking:  DO NOT waste money on a parking pass.  There is 2 hour parking in the neighborhoods and you can get around and move  your car in between classes. Your 1L classes are spread out, so that shouldn't be an issue. But, be sure to park in a different zone each time to avoid the parking nazis.
You can park on sections of St. Charles all day, but you have to get there early to grab a spot.  Also, there is a park and ride on the river side of Broadway. I know several people who used that.

Good luck with the house hunt, I certainly can understand your concerns.

Thanks. I've been to New Orleans, but don't really know the city all that well. That having been said, I have some friends who went to Tulane and it seems like robberies around the Tulane area are not uncommon.
I do have a car.
I'm also looking at Gretna and River Ridge. Anyone know those areas?

We've parked an easy to rob Accord on our street every night for two years - no crime.  NOLA's property crime rate isn't notably high (and is lower than a number of large cities).  Robberies are not that uncommon in any densely populated area - you will miss out on the best part of NOLA if you live in the suburbs.

That said, each of the suburbs you listed are functional.  Your commute will be between 20 minutes to 1.3 hours depending on traffic.

Same here. I considered Metarie or other areas because I thought they might be "safer".  God, I am glad I decided to live close to school. New Orleans is a big part of why Tulane is worth it.  I, like botbot, have had no issues with crime in two years. I don't take stupid chances, but I don't live with a bunker mentality either. I get out, walk, and enjoy this city. That said, there are plenty of areas you definitely want to avoid.



I'll bite, since it's clear that I will not be making LR or moot court next year. What are my other options besides a secondary journal? Sit around and study more? Externship? Killself?

Also, for those of us out there who are completely clueless about the process (read: me) - how does getting onto a secondary journal even work? Are they competitive to get onto?

Well, before you write off moot court...  28 people competed for 20 spots on appellate teams. I like those odds.  You can try out for multiple moot court teams (trial, adr, appellate, VIS) and really improve your chances of making something stick. It is a lot of extra work, and botbot is right, it has distracted my attention to finding a job. Of course, I might as well fiddle, with Rome burning and all.

In the end, I say moot court will have been worth it.

Hey botbot.

After brainstorming for days (not really), roommate and I came up with one more scandal that you might have been thinking of.  Another faculty scandal.

But that one turned out to be nothing more than a rumor.  Most of us got the true story via FB from the horse's mouth after a couple of weeks (second-hand story anyway since the prof. told a student who then told others).

That still leaves us with one other scandal according to your count, but I'm stumped as is my roomie.   ???

I had forgotten about that whole situation. Ouch. This has been a hell of a year at Tulane. Our drama index puts us in elite company. I expect we make a serious move for the better in USNWR.

To think, the scandals at Tulane used to be the power struggles between the clinic and the governor. Can't we gin up a controversy to make us idealistic heroes once again?
Not that I don't enjoy being the butt of a few jokes every now and again...

I must say, the tech support today was great. The computer exam software did something veerrrryyy bad in my computer, and they had me all straightened out before exam time. As well as being socially normal. Je suis shockee!

Any 2L's doing the civil track? I would love the scoop on Carriere, Palmer, Pucillo.

Congrats bloomlaw! It's a great place with great people.
I can give you a little bit on Pucillo. He is young, visiting prof.,  very approachable and has a good sense of humor. He expects attendance,but is otherwise pretty laid back. Seriously, he is not much of a hide the ball kind of prof.  Plus, if you ever want to do a judicial clerkship, he is very enthusiastic about helping. He clerked in two different circuit courts and has contacts.  His exams are straightforward, and he will give you plenty of clues throughout the year.   

Hey Hey Kids. Checkin' in from Atlanta here.   I was fearing the worst honestly but it LOOKS like we just might be ok from my compilation of research. If it trends that extra 30 miles west they're thinking; we might get the strongest winds but probably only 4-5 feet of storm surge (although that edge carries the possibility of tornadoes too), but I am really relying on hope at this point. I will be back Wednesday if the damage is low and (probably) if the power is back on.  Hope to see you all soon, I think we might just luck out this time, but who knows.

We are looking pretty good. I hope the West Bank levees hold, but the biggest challenge ahead will be debris clearance. I will probably fly back in Wed. and will be available to help if anyone needs it (barring airport delays).

I know it is no over yet, but I really thought out semester was done for. Now we only have a few classes to make up.

Hey, it dropped down to a 3 again. Ummm, I guess that's better? Right?

Who the hell knows? Agreed, DS, this sucks.  I think it sucks worse for you 1Ls. You are still trying to get in the swing of things. Saturday classes for the rest of the semester?  Crap.

Next week, liljeffy, you should present yourself! I mean, if you want to and stuff.

Good luck to all the 1Ls. I know you have to read, but have some fun this weekend. You have a few weeks to a month before it really starts to get hairy.

It is a week before classes begin and I'm at Rue on Oak writing a paper..


Edit:  How was bowling, y'all?

Word to that. I thought I might get a second to slow down this summer. Not really. Having that "paper" to work on is causing me fits.
See ya in a few.

Job Search / Re: Is it Acceptable to Round Your GPA on a Resume?
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:01:08 PM »
Rounding to the hundredths is certainly much more acceptable than rounding to the tenths. There's not much difference between a 3.56 and a 3.57, but there's a fairly significant difference between a 3.5 and a 3.6.

My school doesn't allow us to round at all, which is good because rounding is a little shady. But you absolutely can't round to the tenths. How could you even think that would be ok?

My school told us to round to the tenths.  If your school tells you that something is okay, I'd imagine that you'd think it was okay.  If a school thinks it's okay, I don't see why it's so ridiculous for law students to think it's okay.

Ok, if you want to round up you must also agree to be subject to rounding down. Any takers?

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