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more like vegetarian with utilitarian leanings.

hot *&^%

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Hahaha wow I literally cannot believe Chicago's dean said that.  Like really, I'm having a very difficult time believing he/she said that. 

Either way, I think in every TLS/LSN poll of this type I've seen, when it comes to overall satisfaction it's NYU > Columbia > Chicago, with the NYU > Columbia thing being a bit more vague.  But the idea seems to be that the students at Columbia are smarter overall (based purely on the numbers, difficulty of gaining admission) and that many of them are there because they didn't get into HYS...which leads to the creation of a "gunnerish" class.  I'm not sure if that's really the case as I don't go there, but I can at least attest to reading a lot more positive comments about NYU over the couple years that I've been looking into law. 

As someone who had a pretty strong shot at both schools but ultimately went with NYU, the perceived level of satisfaction was the main distinction I used when choosing.  Location, which contributes to NYU students' happiness, was my second main distinction.  When it comes to placement in nearly everything, NYU/Columbia/Chicago are about even, so I think subjective factors should come into play. 

Unless you're a URM a 3.2/167 really doesn't have a shot at the T14, but it's always worth applying if you want to find out.  UCLA/UT/Vandy are also probably out, but you might have a shot at T25 schools like GW and WashU.  Look for schools that place a lot of value on the LSAT. 

If I were you my list would be along the lines of:

Notre Dame
Wash U
UC Hastings
UC Davis

Economic: 0.25
Social: -3.13

I'm guessing this means I'm barely a libertarian?

Are you sure that canceled tests count towards the 3 test limit?  That seems strange if they are.  Maybe contact LSAC and explain your situation to see if there's any way to take it in Feb.

If you're not URM or have something that's really special, t10 is probably out of the question.  But I'd still say shoot an application to Michigan as they seem to be more forgiving for LSAT and your GPA is right up their alley.  Your next best bet in the T14 is probably Cornell, but be sure to apply to schools below these cause those are reaches.

Law School Admissions / Re: Where should I apply? Chances? HELP!
« on: December 29, 2008, 05:37:57 PM »
Check out some LSN profiles like this.

If you're that worried, which is understandable, I'd recommend applying to the PT program and switching over after a semester or so.

I think I remembered reading some pretty negative stuff on Iowa earlier this year on ATL or somewhere concerning their profs and placement.  I would take Notre Dame personally, because I imagine there are a decent number of ND grads in NYC and that the alum network is pretty tight.

Unfortunately, usually the school that costs the most is the best choice.

Law School Admissions / Re: 170/3.69 Where should I apply?
« on: December 29, 2008, 04:35:16 PM »
Nobody knows where you can get in for sure but I'd send apps to CCN down (maybe exclude Berkeley because GPA is such a big deal, unless you just really want to try).

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