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Black Law Students / wailist movement
« on: May 01, 2009, 06:17:01 AM »
I can currently on the waitlist at 5 T-14 schools.
Is there usually good waitlist movement regarding URMs as schools try to balance out their classes?

Is there a good chance I could be picked up off the waitlist and I should just ride it out or should I just look at these waitlists as soft rejections?

Hi Gang,

Happy New Years.  First post of a longgg time lurker.

the basics:

African American Female
Recent Grad (Non-HYP Ivy)
3.1 gpa (bad freshman year, upward trend)
LSAT 163 (december 08)  :-\
Softs- worked all through college, Sudy Abroad, Americorps, extensive volumteer work, interested in Public Service

What are my chances?

One Can Only Dream:

Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Michigan, UVA

Do I have a strong chance at :
Vandy, Emory, Boston College, Notre Dame, Fordham, Cardozo

Should I be targeting any other schools?

Apps are ready but $$ is tight.
Do I have a chance at getting fee waivers to any of these schools?
Does anyone know how soon after the December test are fee waivers offered?

thanks so much

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