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Financial Aid / References for loan application
« on: May 19, 2006, 10:28:25 AM »
I'm applying for my Stafford loans. They just ask for two adults at two different addresses.

can these be my parents? is there any specific type of person this should/shouldn't be? work, friend, roommate etc?


Choosing the Right Law School / Choices, choices....
« on: March 16, 2006, 08:59:39 AM »
I'm still waiting on four schools but for my brain's sake, I'm not counting on them right now. However any one of them would change this picture a a great deal (particularly my first choice).

So these are my options:
Fordham (10k/yr)
Cardozo (25k/yr)
I withdrew from everywhere else.

What would you do? I'm leaning toward Georgetown because I think I could be truly happy there and could picture myself going for gov't internships and being close to my family and friends (I grew up in MD burbs).

Michigan i have summer start, and I'm really not ready to go. My lease ends in august and my roommate is my good friend so I'd rather not screw her over with a subletter. More importantly, I don't want to live far from a major city and the prospect of a dismal winter *without* a major city depresses me. A lot. I've had a professor at another school tell me to consider whether I can stand to live in Ann Arbor for three years, and if I can, to seriously think about doing it. I really don't know that I can, but I know it's really a significantly better school.

Northwestern I'm going to see over their admits weekend, so I'm reserving judgement. I've never been to chicago and i want to really get a feel for the school. It's ranked higher than gtown, but does it really have a better rep? especially on the east coast?

then the scholarships. I haven't withdrawn because i really really really wanted to stay in ny. but can i sacrifice having a really high quality university around me for the money (I say university because that's really what those schools lack, the national rep doesn't bother me quite as much bc I would love to work in ny after school). plus, money. I'm doing this on my own and will have an insane amount of loans afterwards. i've pretty much accepted this idea...almost. It's just hard to cavalierly turn down 30k and 75k, respectively.

any thoughts/opinions are appreciated.

Financial Aid / FAFSA question - more than six schools
« on: February 09, 2006, 07:49:48 AM »
Obviously most people on here applied to more than six schools, so I'm hoping I'm just being silly here and someone can tell me what's up.

How do you send your info to more than just six schools? In filing online it would only let me put in six, and then the option to add a school would disappear.

Again, probably a dumb question--thanks for any info.

Law School Admissions / Still incomplete--what should I do??
« on: January 23, 2006, 01:44:26 PM »
I'm still waiting on Harvard and Columbia to go complete. Both say they're missing my Dean's Certs., which were sent in the same package from LSAC as my second LOR on December 6. My UG doesn't do individualized Dean's Cert. forms, so they went out via LSAC, same as my LORs.

I let both schools know this over the phone (Harvard in late December, Columbia this week, when I recieved incomplete notices from each), and Columbia also had me send a reply email to the incomplete notice. I'm getting nervous cause of the late date...

Do you think I should do anything else? I couldn't get a definitive answer over the phone. Is is overkill to stop by Columbia's Admissions office, which isn't far from my house?

Law School Admissions / Northwestern Interview - student or alum?
« on: December 16, 2005, 08:58:09 AM »
Mine is coming up...has anyone had one with a current student as opposed to an alum?

I was curious what your experience was like in either case...similarities/differences to a job or undergrad interview?

I'm a Hispanic female and I'm trying to decide whether to attach a diversity statement to applications that make no mention of including one or, by contrast, ask for one as an explanation of "social, economic, or historical disadvantage, or experience of discrimination". These are anywhere from Columbia, which is my top choice, to Fordham, also pretty high on my list.

Opinions on this? I am including a diversity statement for schools (like Harvard, which I am only applying to as a shot in the dark) that ask for one as an optional essay to tell more about us as applicants.

I'm especially curious cause I did grow up in a middle class suburbs scenario, so I don't claim social, educational or economic disadvantage here or on my application...but there certainly is a historical disadvantage for Latinos becoming lawyers in the US and I would be the first since my mom and her family immigrated from Nicaragua to attend grad school. My Dad's family immigrated from Europe, ie my Grandmother leaving to escape Austria before Hitler invaded, by way of I'm just as much a mixture as anyone here, and my statement discusses that fact. Any thoughts are welcome.

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