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Law School Admissions / Exaggerations on Law School Application
« on: January 08, 2013, 06:44:20 PM »
I am a 1L at a Top 14 law school.

On my application to law school, I exaggerated my involvement in campus activities.  Specifically:
1. I volunteered as a volleyball coach for the Special Olympics twice a week, and I listed myself as "Head Volleyball Coach". 
2. (this is more of a gross exaggeration)- I pledged a fraternity (and de-pledged), lived there, and was fairly active/friends with the members.  I listed myself as a member of this fraterntiy, AND as VP for a term.

I really regret doing this, as I dont think any of these exaggerations would have impacted anything.  I think at the time I thought of this as harmless "puffing", but now I see it as "lying" (particularly the VP thing).   

Is this something I should be concerned about?  Obviously, it didnt come up in admissions.  I dont think that the bar character and fitness people would be looking at college social involvement (unless they had a reason to), so I guess its water under the bridge.   Is it worth trying to amend my application (not sure how that works)?  worst case scenario, what would happen if the bar discovered this exaggerating/lying on extracurricular activities?  Obviously, its a matter of degree.   If you lie about having attended another college previously or having a criminal conviction, you are screwed.  If you lie about being an RA for three years instaed of two, no one will care.   But this seems to be in a middle ground.  Grateful for any advice.

Thank you.

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