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Thoughts on law school?

Thoughts on law school?
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:19:14 AM »
I have a 3.4, 148 score. I was student body president and did Teach For America.  Any thoughts on law school chances?  BC Law, Tulane, SMU?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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These will give you a guestimate of your chances. Note that aside from URM, these sites don't take into account soft factors (like student president, work experience, etc.). That said, these soft factors are simply going to add to your case, not make it. In other words, the bulk of a decision is based on your GPA/LSAT; soft factors will simply push you over the edge if you are borderline. It seems that until you get to the elite schools, soft factors are relatively minor aspects in your application.

Good luck!

Re: Thoughts on law school?
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With those scores it is highly unlikely you will attend BC, Tulane or SMU.

That does not mean you cannot obtain a quality education as I tell numberous people on this site at every ABA law school you learn the same thing and any ABA school will provide you with a bar exam ticket, which will enable you to obtain a law license. What you do with that is up to you.

With that said it appears you want to attend law school in Boston or Texas/Louisiana.

In Boston you might want to consider New Englad, Western New England or Suffolk.

In Texas South Texas College of Law, Texas A & M, or Texas Tech might be options.

As an aside Louisiana is the only state in America governed by Civil Law the European system so you might receive a different education at a Louisiana Law School than you would at any other school across the County and unless your plan is to live in Louisiana after graduation you may want to consider attending school in a different state.

If there are other schools you are interested in Miam's advice is excellent and will provide you with information on other schools within your range.

Good luck.

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« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2013, 12:00:06 AM »
Law school admission is primarily a numbers game, dominated by LSAT and GPA. Soft factors are nice, but they exist in addition to numeric qualifications, not in lieu of them.

Your GPA is respectable, but you may want to consider retaking the LSAT. As City law has stated, you can get into some ABA law schools with your current numbers. Additionally, the education you receiver at any ABA school is going to be nearly identical. However, if you could increase your score by say, five to seven points you'd have many more options. BC, Tulane, and SMU are probably out of reach unless you can score in at least the 160 range (for BC more like 165).

Start by assessing why you scored 148. Did you dedicate the necessary time and effort to preparing, or did you wing it? Do you feel that you can score higher, or is 148 about where you plateau? Be objective, and do a critical self evaluation.

If you decide to move forward with your current numbers, think seriously about where you want to live after law school and what you want to do with your degree. With your current numbers you're looking at non-elite, local reputation law schools. Your post grad employment prospects will be most likely limited to the immediate region, and will usually be smaller firms and local govt offices. So, think about whether you will be willing to practice DUI defense and divorce cases in what ever city you go to school in for a t least a few years. 

Good luck!

Good luck!

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« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2013, 12:17:00 PM »
Great post Maintain.

If you think you can do better on the LSAT go for it, but if you did everything you can do then a 148 may be the best you can do. I would encourage you to give it one more shot and take the February LSAT you really have nothing to lose the majority of schools only look at your highest score so if you do worse nothing to worry about it if you do better then great.

Good luck

Re: Thoughts on law school?
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Re: Thoughts on law school?
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No brainer. RETAKE.