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Legal Fielder,
I am sorry to read about your situation.

I know our situations are different, but have you considered an online school? I start with American Heritage University Law School on Sept. 11th, 2012. I should tell you I am an active duty Soldier and had difficulty finding a law program that I could attend because of several back to back deployments to War Zones.  In the end I spoke with the Dean at AHU Law school and realized this was an excellent option to Learn the Law and qualify to sit for the bar and eventually practise law.  You can Contact Mr. Mel Morrison directly:

Mel Morrison
American Heritage University School of Law
 255 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401
 Toll Free:   888.484.8689
 Local:         909.884.9000
 Cellular:       714.782.7198
 Bus Text:    714.729.3104 (School-related texts only)
 E-Fax:        888.466.4206
Office Email:
Private Email:

I hope this helps you! Btw my email is
Take care.

Please provide another source for the cards you recommended... I could not find

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