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« on: June 07, 2009, 10:15:22 PM »
It seems that most 1L's have to take our loans to cover their living expenses, etc.  When applying for an apartment how do you explain income or do you inform the landlord that you're going to pay your rent with student loans?  Also would you stay in your current home if moving closer to your school meant you would pay double the rent?  I currently live two hours away from the law school that I will be attending in the fall.  I'd like to move closer to the law school because I think the 2 hour each way commute would be detrimental to my studies?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Moving/Loans
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When I moved in my place, I just told the apartment office that I was a law student and I would be paying for rent out of my student loans.  They understand.  Chances are they have dealt with student tenants before.  Doubling of rent is quite drastic.  I would try harder to find a place close to the school with cheaper rent.  However, the 2 hours each way would definitely be detrimental to your studies.  Time is your most precious asset during your 1L year.  I barely had enough to sleep.  In addition, I'm sure the 4 hour drive each day is going to take its toll on you.  You do not need extra stress on top of what law school dishes out to you.  Plus, with gas prices being so volatile nowadays, you can't be sure that driving 4 hours each day is going to end up saving you money.