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Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 29, 2004, 02:56:56 PM »

Ms. Muse:
I'll wear a sign that says "Loves football! Can cook, clean, and gives great........he..err I mean advice. Please find this woman a funky man."

Ms. Rus:
did I just say that? As do I.  Speaking slowly ensure that the other person truly gets the "concept."

now that was gut-ticklingly funny!!!!
i've been away visiting some friends for a few days...but i read through the fabric of confab.e....glad i got back at this time to laugh my eyes out...

no need to wear the sign though "ms. muse" signs are for streets.
and rus lass, advice should "fall trippingly from the tongue..."as hamlet says.

you don't have to speak slowly though...just "take your time" speak quickly then slowly--and modulate the info.-just make sure the vibrations are gettin through to the cranium...that's why lips are sooo important...but mostly an eloquent, lucid tongue...twists the phrase in the "epiphanific" (mi oun ward)direction!!! and,sometimes, most times it takes all night to understand good...radiant...mind-blowing...bombasititulatical know you grasp the confabulation when your sweatin' and you gotta catch your breath...
when ya "climbd the max." your brain and bod will allow...

and if you've listened maybe you'll feel like ya  8)learned somthing the square root of pi.

but what do i know...

i do know that men and women should pr"act"ice giving and receiving advice as much as possible!!!. ;)


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 23, 2004, 02:40:48 PM »
blue- I dig your post man. very colorful. I have to read that *&^% real slow though brah. (dap) much respect now pass me that joint.

ever see a deep dark violet "z.soot"? to the right occasion...maybe (modernday-- minus the wide brimmed hat) YOU'RE RIGHT..."every girlz krazy for a sharp dressed man..."

am i way off with this ladies????

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 23, 2004, 02:33:42 PM »
blue- I dig your post man. very colorful. I have to read that *&^% real slow though brah. (dap) much respect now pass me that joint.
no splifs, man...gotta be clear...
work is too dear to me now.

watch the lass from last weeks show get the axe who sat to trumps far right...i bet she's gone tonight....???


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 23, 2004, 02:05:17 PM »
Death of the throwback birth of the argyle sweater vest

Do any of you girls like preppy boys? OkayÖfirst of all, Iíll admit that some people can become far too pretentious with preppy wear. I donít know if you guys watch the apprentice, but that one guy with the cane is a male private part! I just wanna kick his ass. He has set us preppy boys back very far. However, some of the *&^% he has is pretty tight (because itís in my closet) I have a plethora of bow ties, argyle sweater vests, and penny loafers. Iíve been known to sport cashmere crew neck, and v neck sweaters over a white french cuff button down dress shirt. Please trust that I have a cornucopia of Khakis in every shade of brown to match the cole haan loafers with tassels! I call my style of dress ďsuburban edgeĒ. Hey, itís possible to be a bad boy and be preppy at the same time.

I think about the days of the Harlem Renaissance when brothers didnít walk outside to get their mail without a cane and top hat. Brothers were smooth and very well kept back in those days. I was in the mall yesterday (shopping at banana republic) and every black man I saw had on a throwback. (I just found out what a throwback was 3 months ago.) But, every black dude in the mall had a number on his back and I was like DAMN! Iím sure we can do better than this.It seems as though, as black people, we had more pride in ourselves in the days of overt white supremecy and segregation. Today, we are just "yingyang twin" crazy with gold fronts, ice, throwbacks, saggy cloths, and pimp cups.

I definitely believe that your style of dress says a lot about you regarding your state of mind. I think we have gotten worse over the years when you think about the decline in dress since the Harlem Renaissance.

Iím going to start a revolution. Argyle sweater vests and bow ties for everyone! Are you with me!??! Onward!!! To the bastille!!!!

Yo Nupe you already know my take on this topic. I am actually curious to hear from the ladies as well as to which they pefer, b/c there seems to be a wide-sweaping trend or paradigm shift if you will for ladies to migrate towards the cats with the corn rows, gold fronts, baggy jeans and white T's that look like dresses. Ladies, what's really going on?

sands, man,
just wanted to say...that outline was funny...from stem to cell...rutgers is close enough to take in philly and nyc thats.....lucky? (strategic?), next time your in nyc you gotta check out "kush." i thought i was tellin r.d. about something new...who knew? it's on Orchard st. or one block over---just off Houston.

i think "dress to class" not to, you gonna be sick of the allota alliteration...just check me, that a deal???

and if the guy on the subway's wearing #14  why would i want to be wearin' #12...anyone looking at us is gonna think either he's the back-up quarter back or i'm second string...i think the individual stands alone but not like that bumbleclyde "grump" with the cane on "trump's publicity rump stunt"
that "pseudo-brit hump" houndstooth wearing chump is putting up a beginning on-camera front----watch him lose that crappy rap and show some "horse of a different color"...if i were the ... "king of the forest" or the "oz wizard" or whatever the hell trump is calling himself these days...i wouldn't trust that "guuyy" to hold dorothy's hand.
(by the way i heard it through the grapevine that trumps pop used to have bad breathe...the up-close gagging kind...worse than the other real estate sam lefrak.) far as clothes go...individual, class, savvy--- and i mean "when you go out into the rain...wear a rain coat." sense.

and don't have holes in your shoes...

by the's true...some people are checkin the way you walk and the style your sporting..."that's how i can spot a cop or a fop." but SOMETIMES that's not the don't judge.  look at the muhatma...he used to walk around in a tunic...but i think his cane was practical.

wonder what the ladies think???

px o. rsta

man...time for me take a walk...toooo many words.



Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 23, 2004, 12:26:26 PM »
Damn men are so particular! You guys can't talk about women anymore! ;)

thanks for the sweet welcome s.g.h.i. and also, ms.Ja to hear the warm words...

i'm a little late to the talk...long day yest...does anyone like hypothetical syllogisms?  any way..forget f.ball for a while..even though i'm a charger fan they usually get electrocuted..but, l.d.t. is a real lightening bolt...

now the he say/she say...

it's {simply (ha ha)}...subjective...and personal...BECAUSE of chemistry.

i like a lass with real full-on eye-contact and super pretty eyes...
since that's the first draw sparkling from her soft face...eye contact..."speaks" from the soul...confidence; charisma; interest; listening....

for a great part we, men are more visual...but, many women are as well...but men loooooooooook.  

and, an intelligent cool mezmerizing voice with openness and worldliness in the mind...arrives from the lips..stimulating conversation and stimulating silence...(it ain't easy and it's a strange balance to pin to the "words")
intelligence is always more attractive and hell, it's deeper.
also a wickedly infectious wit...gets the endorphines a flowing.

check what happens to your whole body when you belly can be a workout for the brain too!

now the female form is bombastically beautiful...curvy..luring...m agnetic...even to other women...we men are like trucks...i think...functional. but females' shape is enticing...and meant to be...

that's why peacocks used to throw me for a loop.  i get it now.

a women who takes care of herself will be attractive...but not the lady who gathers a can of red paint for the to air brush. (analogies never grasp the whole truth) so don't jump on my wagon, please.

then there is the HEAT...which can come like sparks or a slow burn till ignition...that's the chemistry blaze...sometimes it's fast and sometimes its slow...hard to tell.

but when it happens i like the lasses who are slow and then fast and then mix it up...she has to know how to float and fly...give and take...and vice versa...

now ms. she-want-and-need-to-have-it,  much respect, since i'm responding as a late newbee on a first date if there are sparks...why not relish it...savour the moment get close to the fire but then kamma sutra it til' the next time.   come on man...if you like ice cream wouldja eat it fast...get brainfreeze...or lick it slow---pardon the pun and again the faulty analogy...(i gotta soak in a warm shower and get nyc off of me... and the analogies keep me be brief) i'm sure i'm leaving stuff out but the passion's gotta be there as well

and now i gotta go float and fly with some hypothetical syllogisms...they suck but keep the brain sharp...

px o. rst. ruskie? do ya follow pro am. football...or is it just college???  hmmmm?  and are ya worried about the cali..golden bears???


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 21, 2004, 05:02:26 PM »
Ragnar Danneskjold and Blue Warrior, big welcome from an old school member of the board. Good to see young bruhs interested in law school and going to law school. I'm in law school (Rutgers) in the NYC area so I know what you're talking about Blue.

Yo, is it just me or does anybody else hear the jamaican accent when they read blue's posts?

To the cali freak over there Lights on Lights off, it realy doesn't matter cause somebody's gettin their back blown out...


Yo, McNabb is the motherfuckin man!!!! that's what I'm talkin about. Sorry to anybody from Minessota but Philly beat that ass!!! Rush Limbaugh go suck a male private part wherever you are.

MsJay9 - yeah you got the right mentality. To be honest with you, the test prep class didn't even help me at all. I ended up taking the LSAT twice. The first time I took the Kaplan course, and made a 145 when I started the course, made a 145 when I finished the course, and made a 145 on the test. I sat out for a year, did my own thing, studied on my own every night one month prior to the test and scored a 162. go figure! Just get it out the way cause nobody cares about it once you get to law school.

Victor I seen you holdin your sack on that f-in Choson character. Good *&^%. That kid be flying off the handle sometimes with the racial attitudes, somebody had to check him. He's always going on some tirade about how black people shouldn't get this or that. Whatever. But I wouldn't group Ruskie in that mess at all. Ruskie is cool peeps.

CALI Rich that's some real talk right there. I can appreciate that post.

YO, back to the grind!!! Holla

thanks man, 8)
mac nabbed a few good ones too...if he stays healthy...he'll be the Don a' takin it t.o. the others.

i gotta soak in the day in nyc...then soak in cali's rich pitch. sounds solid so far.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 21, 2004, 04:48:16 PM »
I'm a huge football fan.  I would think that trojan girl would have to at least know a little about it since she goes to the school with the top ranked football team.

too soon to tell maybe.
usc is good and also last year; georgia is lookin tough though; oklahoma's got some arm...and i like a good offense. underrated to the d. usually, but i like them.

but watchout for the golden bears, ms. trojan...california might surprise even the trojans... :)

i'm not as huge into college as i am into football (soccer)  world cup stuff...that is

are you into prof. american football??  any pix if you are?  my eagles pic did ok last night.

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 21, 2004, 02:42:45 PM »

1. anyone follow football???
2. anyone follow american football???


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 21, 2004, 02:38:43 PM »
Thanks for the warm welcome bluewarrior. I will certainly keep my mind open, after all, i'm still not even in law school yet. Got a ways to go. As for the nightlife in NYC, There is pretty much anything you want. I myself really prefer more quiet laid back places to chill and talk with friends with a nice big cup 'o tea in my hands, but some of my friends sometimes drag me out dancing and drinking. The best places to get down and funky...i don't know, try TONY. If you want some more relaxed places, i can definitely recommend some places.

I can see myself practicing pretty much anywahere where i would have a decent standard of living. I was born in NYC, and i would miss the whole hustle/bustle of the greatest city in the world (don't be hatin' ;D ), but i know that even if i were to make good money here, my cost of living would be outrageous. I also want to raise my kids in an area that is a little more peaceful. Of course, i am just talking right now, who knows where i might want to be in a couple of years...I do know that i will most likely practice and live in the general area that i went to law school. I am very much interested in LA (not in Cali, the state LA).

Do i like what with the lights on or off... Do you mean?!!! Oh my! :o

hey r.d.  right now it's hit the books...steppin out has to wait one mon...but i do like sittin in brooklyn...the lower east side or l.e.s. has some new spots for jazz...i found a place called "kush" i think its on orchard or ludlow off of houston that is good early in the evening and then it gets too crazy...but if you like tea...they got it.

remember if you go to la. you need a ride.


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: September 21, 2004, 02:02:20 PM »
So as part of your initiation, all the newbies (and oldies too) must answer this question. Do you like it with the lights on or off?


as far as the newbee qstn:...candlelight!!!...and itz on!!:-X ...but i don't know if that's lights on or off...i think it's somewhere in between...and of course some incense.

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