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i'm currently a 1L at tech and love it!! i'm about as liberal as they come, and i haven't had any issues with the school being "too conservative." they have a great Tech Law democrats organization that is just about as popular as the republican society. If you have any specific questions about curves, the people, the professors, or lubbock in general, feel free to message me : ) best of luck in making your choice. of course i'm biased, so GO TECH LAW!

Current Law Students / contracts. i want to scratch my eyes out.
« on: November 18, 2008, 08:36:47 AM »
hey yall! any suggestions on some really good contracts study aids? i have the kaplan contracts book, but i'm in need of all the help i can get. any books or online resources yall have found found helpful would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Learned Hand is obviously the best judge.  Here's a few facts about him (credit: my classmates).

Learned Hand once overruled the law of gravity, because he could.

Learned Hand has jurisdiction everywhere, because by living in a world ruled by his laws, we have purposefully availed ourselves of him

Learned Hand's dissenting opinions are binding authority--forever.

Learned Hand invented the Mailbox Rule at a time that mailboxes did not exist.

When God created the first Earth, Learned Hand did not think it was good enough and remanded with instructions consistent with his opinion.

Learned hand skips the "discovery" phase of trial on grounds of his omniscience.

Nobody dissents from Learned Hand ... twice.

HAHAHA this just made my day! just finished reading it aloud to some of fellow classmates in the library. Someone felt we should add "Learned Hand's middle name is 12(b)(6)."

i actually am a 1L here at ttu this year. i had a couple of choices as to where i wanted to attend school (some actually ranked higher than tech); however, i am EXTREMELY pleased with my decision to attend school here. i'm a big city girl, so i was concerned about the transition to lubbock, but it hasnt been as bad as i was expecting. i absolutely love the people up here, as well as the school itself, and i couldn't be happier (of course, we'll see if i'm still whistling the same tune once finals come around)! feel free to message me if you have questions about tech and lubbock!! : )

Choosing the Right Law School / Texas Tech 2011
« on: May 15, 2008, 01:18:15 PM »
anyone else headed to lubbock come august??

Choosing the Right Law School / asking for money from a school?
« on: April 22, 2008, 11:19:19 PM »
hey all! just looking for some opinions/suggestions... basically, i am 90% certain about where i will be attending this fall. that school currently has not offered me a scholarship. i did, however, receive a pretty hefty scholarship offer from a school a tier lower. should i try to use this to leverage some money from the school i will likely be attending come august? how would i go about doing this? regardless of if they offer me money or not, i will still attend (obviously i would like to avoid having to disclose that fact should i try to negotiate some scholarship funds). it'd just be nice to get a little bit of financial help, of course :) thanks in advance! any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated!

i applied to ND at the very end of october and still have not heard anything...

Choosing the Right Law School / Texas Tech 2008
« on: March 05, 2008, 03:53:22 PM »
hey yall! so i'm currently leaning towards heading up to lubbock and attending tech this upcoming fall, assuming i am not accepted at any of the remaining 3 schools where i am still pending. after visiting a few of my choices, and taking a weekend trip up to TTU, i'm getting pretty good vibes about this. anyone else thinking they're going to be a red raider as well?!  :)

 :)that puts a whole new perspective on things! how exciting!! my lsat is significantly lower than their mean score, which is why i assumed i was an auto-ding. still finding it hard to believe that i wont end up with a rejection in my mailbox from them, but here's to hoping for the opposite!!

ok, so what if aschool that has had meunder review since early november has been handing out rejections/acceptances/WL to ppl who applied around the same time as myself as well as after me. i still havent heard a peep. i emailed admissions and they sent me a nice reply apologizing for the delay and just said that the committee was still looking over my application. madtown, are you suggesting i shouldn't yet give up hope on this particular school? initially when i sent in my app, i was 99% sure i'd be an auto-reject.

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