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1.  I miss you guys!

2.  I am starting outlining bueno.

3.  Has anyone heard from Brave? I talked to kbp this morning actually.  She IM'd me bright and early and got a Journey song stuck in my head alllll through class.

4.  I got a job today.  I think I'm going to quit studying now.

it just struck me as funny.

I miss Sej.  She was funny as @#!*, and hot to boot.

I'm here! I'm here!  Who are you?   

To bring this thread back to life, I would like to make out with myself.

1.  JACY!  Holy crap!  I can't believe it.  I just got a little teary. 

2.  Beantown is great.  I'm worn out but I love it.

3.  How are the wedding plans?!?! Is Mr. Jacy being a good law school cheerleader?

4.  God, I miss the days of being a terrible employee and a non-law student...

5.  There's a new Mr. Sejul.  He's a very, very nice boy!

1. rule.

2.  That's right.  I'm back to check in on Georgia after a lengthy hiatus.

3.  I miss you much like Janet Jackson.  That goes for Jacy, KP, THalky, Vino...etc....

4.  Law school sucks. 

a.  Seriously, this is a total shock.
b.  I need an explanation for how this has happened.

2.  Update on me ---
a.  I'm in my second year of law school at my no-name - but free - school.  As it gets closer to the time I'll have to move out in to the real world, I'm happier and happier that I opted to go with the school that offered me the most money.
b.  Law school isn't as hard as people say it is ... once you get used to the fact that you have to work A LOT, it's not that bad.  You just have to keep up with the work and bust it for finals and that's that. 
c.  The hardest adjustment for me in law school was just the actual fact that I needed to do the reading when it was assigned.

3.  Again - I cannot believe this thread is still going.  Ridiculous.

1.  Um, anyone miss me?

2.  Anyone still know who I am?

3.  I missed you guys MUCHO, and I'm so glad that the Georgia thread lives on in soooo much glory!

1.  You married boys are the real teases, Pres, ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

2.  Where's my fave Hottie with a Body, Miss K?

3.  Anyone heard from Jacy?  Or has she been kidnapped by some backwoods banjo players yet?

4.  I take a kick-ass self-pic.  Oh wait, that's not me.  DAMN it.

1.  Hi kiddies!

2.  I don't want to hear any complaining about being unemployed.  It's AWESOME.

3.  'Cept for that pesky beer-slinging job I've got.  But even that's not bad.

4.  I don't think I'm going to go to law school.  I think I'm going to stay here and be a bum.  It's fairly fulfilling. ;)

5.   :-* Aiiight, I'm off to get ready for work.  I'll talk to you soon.

6.  Smoooooooches!

1.  Yep, Pres, still going.  Can't believe it.  I'm moving to Allston in 3 weeks!

2.  Anyone heard from Jacy in Hotlanta?

3.  And Pres, what's the word from Wake? Anything?

3.  I'm off to run errands, but I'll be on tomorrow in full force.  We gotta catch up!

1. hey female dog-ass

2. happy belated

3. miss you  :-*

1.  Muchas grassy-ass.  Isn't yours like, tomorrow?

2.   :-*+ :P

1.  And Georgia ain't dead yet!

2.  Hi guys!!!!

3.  Miss you all MUCHO!

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