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UIUC v. Wisconsin

UIUC v. Wisconsin
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1) What, if any, are the conditions on the scholarships?

2) Assuming you keep your scholarships, what is the total debt load you are looking at after three years at each school (including cost of living, interest on loans, projected increases in tuition, etc.)?

3) Not sure what to do given its recent drop... part of me thinks it will stabilize - the other part of me is cynical...

4) What are the placement stats, specifically for Chicago?

My gut would tell me, if your goal is Chicago and you have a full ride to a (relatively speaking) solid Chicago school... go for it. The only reason it sounds like Wisconsin is a contender is because of Chicago's recent drop in ranking. I'm not saying that is a non factor, but I don't think it should dissuade you away from the school. In other words, I'm not sure Wisconsin will offset the risk. I am going to assume they don't place as well in Chicago (but that is speculative).

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Re: UIUC v. Wisconsin
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1) Nice!

2) As it sounds that you have personal savings that will offset the COA, let me rephrase the question... How much will you have to spend out of pocket to attend both schools? I ask because, if UI is going to cost 5x W, your feelings may be different about it.

3) I would call up both schools and be as candid with them as possible (respectful, but upfront with your situation and concern). Say that you are planning on living and working in Chicago and you have xyz concern. Also try and get the admissions staff to put you in contact with a current student. Plead with them for their honest opinion on what is up. Also, if you have any connections to the legal market in Chicago... call them up and ask them what they think.

4) How much? Like... is UI employing 60% of their kids with 100% of that being in Chicago while W employs 65% of their kids with 1% of them in Chicago? I would ask the schools when you call them for stronger stats. If they tell you they don't have those kinds of stats, they are lying b/c they do.

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I have talked to current students at both school and it's very hard to get an honest answer. Either the student wants to puff up their own school or they just want to be a good representative and say its a great place. I'm going to visit both schools in the coming week. Thanks for your feedback Miami88! You've been helpful!

I was wondering if there was anyone who has attended one or the other of these schools that has an opinion on their school and the opportunities they've had after graduation. I'd also love anyones opinion who is a a working attorney in the surrounding markets and see what school they view as like the better option for me.

All comments are welcome! Thanks!


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Re: UIUC v. Wisconsin
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Mr. Underhill,

I will make this brief. Your first post is confusing; you state you have full scholarships at both UWisc. and UIll., and then note you have a partial at UWisc. If it's a partial at UWisc., and, as you note, there are no "real" conditions (no minimum GPAs, etc.) for the scholarships, then the solution to your problem is simple- go to UIllinois. Take the scholarship.

People agonize over slight ranking differences. Here's the thing- it doesn't matter. Really. If you're not going to a T14 (these aren't), no one cares. You either go national (T14), you go regional (T50), or, with a few exceptions (for example if you want to practice in Maine, UMaine is... well, it's an option) you should carefully consider the local market.

Both are fine choices for the Chicago market. Since you don't have any preference for living location or campus, take the money. No matter which of those two schools you go to, your viability in the Chicago market will depend on your performance at the school, with UIllinois being given a slight edge because (wait for it) it's the state school for that market. But just slight.

Don't overcomplicate this because of a slight disparity in US News rankings. Take the money. And congratulations.

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I respectfully concur.

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