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As I begin to look at Law School and register on, I am plagued with the race/ethnicity question once again. To clarify I am American born, but my mother was not and I have a Spanish Citizenship as I am 50% Spaniard and 50% Italian. My last name isn't Spanish, being that comes from my mother's side, but her maiden name isn't distinctively Spanish either. Throughout my life it has rarely been an issue, but I have been characterized both ways (white and hispanic) by others with little correction on my part.
In high school I was awarded the National Hispanic Merit for my PSAT scores and since, I have attended an extremely white university, so the notion of applying as Hispanic has waivered some from when I  was attending high school and living at home in a more urbane environment. Just wondering what I should do, if there are any similarly situated individuals out there and what they may have done in the past. Is it a fault if I continue to mark Hispanic? I know by the census Spain is considered Hispanic, but say if a a compnay is required to hire a minority owned business for a project, descent from Spain isn't considered minority.
Any advice would be great as I try to understand my options.

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