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Any advice here?  I'm WL at UVA - and other great schools, but UVA is my special favorite as I grew up in C'ville and went to UVA undergrad.

Is it foolish to hold out hope that I could transfer as a 2L?  Would attending Fordham PT as a 1L be a probelm?  Should I go to W&L 1L instead if I wish to try to transfer?

Heya.  I'm signed up for this Fordham admit day this week.  Is anyone else going? 

The confirmation said it was at 8:30 am.  Did anyone get more of a schedule than that?  Is it an all-day thing, or just hte morning? (It would be nice to know if I'm going to make it into the office on Wed or not...)

Thanks all!!

Hey all!  Who was there?  I miss you all already.  Anyone have throughts to share on how they feel about W&L now?

Am I crazy?  W&L is really high on my list, it gives me the warm fuzzys.  I know it's in a small town, and I come from the south so I know how boring and stifling that can be.  I also know I can live for 3 yrs in a tiny southern town and love it just fine.

W&L pops up over and over on top 20 lists - it seems fairly national.  Does anyone know from a practical perspective if its as great a school as it appears to be?

My waitlist status at UVA has me thinking hard about choices in southern schools.  Help me! Compared to W&M, Vandy and Emory, how does W&L stack up?  Is Vandy a bit more national?

Thanks to you all - and good luck to everyone this cycle!


I'm doing a whirlwind midwest tour - staying in Chicago and driving down in the early AM on Friday to see UIUC 3/3 for admit days.  then back to Chicago and up again at the crack of dawn to head over to madison for Saturday 3/4.

Maybe Sunday I'll chec out UChicago or make the *gulp* treck over to Michigan (though I don't see an acceptance from either of them in my future, and I can always go back later, right?)

Anyway, I'll be sure to post reviews when I return in a few weeks, but meanwhile - anyone else out there going to either of these events? (UIUC or Wisc)?

There's already some threads hopping for both UIUC and Wisc, but if anyone has specific advice on choosing btewwn the two, let me know.  Finally - anything specific I should check out while there? (specific must-see coffee shops, etc?)

OK, just a little baseless speculation while I wait for response from the admissions department to my email requesting clarity.

I was invited via email to attend an admitted studen't chat for Miami.  Am I in?

Financial Aid / In-State Residency UIUC
« on: February 01, 2006, 04:35:03 PM »
I'm sorry if this has been covered somewhere else on this board (if so, someone please piont the way, thx)

Anyone know how hard it is to get residency status for second year at Illinois? Looks kind of hard but not imposible.  Anyone out there with experience in this area?

Example: What if my partner moves with me this fall and works for the calendar year leading up to 2L? If I marry him, would that enough to get me residency status 2L and 3L? 

I ask because the offered 15K scholarship pretty much covers in-state tuition and it would be SWEET to qualify 2nd and 3rd year.


Law School Admissions / When do we have to decide?
« on: January 24, 2006, 09:28:55 AM »
Sorry if this has been covered before, or if it's a bit premature...  My boss is insisting that we all submit any vacation requests for the March/April timeframe, due to a big project coming up.  I know I will want to visit some schools once acceptances are in, but before the decision dates.

Does anyone know what timeframe schools give in terms of what date seat deposits are generally due?

Law School Admissions / Help - I need advice re: LOR correcting
« on: December 22, 2005, 11:01:41 AM »
Hi everyone and happy holidays.  The strike seems to be over here in NYC so that's good...

I have a question and I need the group's valuable advice.  I found out that one of my recommenders sent in the wrong LOR to LSDAS and now every school has been sent an LOR for some other student with my LSDAS report.  I found out on Tuesday, and my prof. sent in a new LOR to LSDAS.  I sent emails to all the schools I applied to, advising that a new LSDAS report would be coming (further to a call I had w/ LSDAS).  Yesterday, when I followed up w/ them, LSDAS advised that it would be two or more weeks until the new reports were processed. So what should I do?

1) Contact all the schools (again) and ask for fax #s, get my prof to send the LORs directly (noting that w/ the holiday not sure if I can get my professor to do this until 1st week of Jan)

2) Wait it out, and face the facts that I won't be complete at most schools until mid to late Jan (!!)

3) Some schools offered to "call the file complete" with the existing 1 LOR  (from my current work) if I wanted.  Thing is, I have a terrible UG GPA, and really needed this LOR from my prof who can testify to the fact that my last two years at university I was brilliant (its the first two years that were bad and they were so long ago...)

I feel like so much is riding on these apps, and they could all go either way.  I really wanted no "blips", but the one thing I was unable to control has gone wrong!  I'm feeling a bit stressed about it, so any advice or comfort, etc would be much appreciated!!

Best of luck to all of you, and happy new year!

Law School Admissions / Submitting more apps?
« on: December 02, 2005, 12:40:47 PM »
Am I overthinking this?  I've filed apps for the following:
Michigan, Vandy, W&M, Wisconsin, Columbia (all fee waivers)
Virginia, Fordham, Univ. of Richmond (shelled out the cash)

Any thoughts on if I should add more safties? Would a last minute app to NYU and Chicago be just plain silly? Is Northwestern even worth it if I don't want to do the interview?

Is anyone else thinking of adding applicaitons?

I thought I'd  feel complete once these 8 were in, but alas!

Oh- 173 LSAT, 2.97 GPA, 5 yrs legal WE, great recs and PS and GPA addendum

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