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I'm not a citizen, nor am I likely to become one in the near future. It's hard not being able to vote, but I do my best to contribute in other ways.

I am with you on Prop 87, not a no brainier, but still I believe it is the right thing to do. There is something to be said for symbolism at this point also, we need to be taking action towards sustainable energy, time is short.
My main problem with the Yes on Prop 87 campaign is that they emphasize gas prices not going up for the consumers so much. I think this is ridiculous. Gas prices should be going up for consumers, the oil companies are not the only bad guys- people who drive around in their huge SUVs when they could  easily take the trolley are just as to blame.
(Reading the editorial now and they are thinking along these similar lines).

Still, I still think it is an important yes vote, especially after the ridiculous campaigning of the No campaign. I would hate to see them deceive there way to a victory. The proposition isn't perfect but it is the best we have.

84 is important to me for my line of work. I see first hand on a daily basis how we put state funding to really great use. (Certainly nothing is squandered). Many of the California Rivers are in a dreadful state, this is an important bill.

Re: Stanford application
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And yes- maybe you should start a thread